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I am currently watching Into the Universe With Stephen Hawkings (and Benedict Cumberbatch)

Work is crazy because of the holidays. Hooray retail! But I have been brushing up on XHTML/CSS so I can dive into PHP/MySql and Drupal. I love love love that I get 4 hours a week to develop independent projects at work. Whenever other parts of the job are getting me down, the fact that my employers encourage me to explore on the clock makes it all work out.

My children are insane, and I cannot wait until the holidays are over. It will be fun and exciting and all that, but I am very much looking forward to the lull in January.

I'm starting to get my feet wet on the training materials for OTW support. I'm worried that I can't do anything there yet, but hopefully I can start small and learn more and more!

General flails:
I saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows this weekend, and I want to see it again and again. I am once again massively in love with Jude Law. Unf. 
(This film did nothing to quash my desire to run around in Victorian Drag)

I'm about to begin reading A Dance With Dragons, but not looking forward to the wait once I've finished!

Merlin series 4 wraps up this weekend!

Doctor Who Christmas special this weekend!!


Note: I am getting Skyrim for Christmas, or I am getting a divorce for Christmas.
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Hello, Dreamwidth!

I've been away from fandom for awhile, but my heart belongs here and has been yearning to return.

I need some user pics and a layout.

And some friends.


I am making a conscious effort not to overthink my posts here, as I want a safe haven etc etc. It can be so easy to be paralyzed by perfectionism!

Right now I am working on migrating all of my random notes and saved links and whatnot from catch.com to my evernote account. Slowly but surely working my way towards an organized bookmarks list. Which will eventually mean a rec list! Hooray!

Next step: user info


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